Fraud protection that works

Fraud protection

01 / WHAT

Fraud protection solution that finds bots, automated browsers, browser and geo spoofing.

02 / HOW

Our technology is based on browsing device fingerprinting and its intrasecond interaction modeling. 

03 / WORKS

Fraudulent impression: impression produced by the browsing device that has never made a purchase online.


A quantitative approach to performance: does it produce lift?  Does it lose opportunities because of errors (sensitivity)?


If you are tired of customers telling you that your traffic has a huge amount of bots, and your suppliers say otherwise, our solution is for you. If your CPC(CTR), Viewability or VTR predictor converges on fraud like flies on shit, our solution will help exclude fraud before data ingestion. As data science saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. We take out the garbage

  • Reasonably priced

  • Legacy Mode for compatibility with Ad Verification systems

  • "Quick integration, easy API designed with DSP in mind.

  • "Instant integration" is possible (if you can cookie-match and can store segments).

  • Access to a techincal team that can answer all technical questions via email or phone, no 6-month back-n-forth.

For Affiliate Marketers

Instant validation of a new traffic channel. Resolve the mystery of a "sudden drop in CR" and "why this channel has such a low ROI"

Easy to use with existing tools, starting with Google Analytics. Instant validation of a new channel. No need to wait days for a purchase from the 100%-bot channel.

Instant validation of new traffic source and every lead. Protect yourself from low ROI: bot-produced leads have little value and destroy your unit economy. Solve the "mystery" of low Second-day retention with ease. Competent technical help is available; the simple test can be done in a day. There are many simple integration options for existing tools.

For Programmatic
Aware Agencies and Brands

Start screening traffic for bots, and proactively react a long time before it becomes a huge problem with your biggest clients. It's easy.

Technical help is available for your teams instantly.

Make sure that you don't increase brand-awareness of bots, and fantastic Video completions in the traffic source is not for the sole reason there was no-one to stop watching.

Breakdown impressions into two simple boxes: "Actually served to humans" and "Other".


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