Predictive service for DSP and SSP.

AI-based revenue optimization

01 / Dynamic Floor Price

Dynamically adjust floor prices to increase profit

02 / Smart QPS

Send only impression opportunities that are interesting for your DSPs: increase bid density, increase profit, decrease CAPEX for your connected DSPs. 

03 / Video Fill Rate optimization

For SSP: Decrease waste from the broken tags that DSP bids, and lost revenue opportunities by throttling low-fillrate tags from the auction. 

For DSP: increase revenue from the arb tags.

04 / Predictive targetings

Target for a specific CTR, VTR or Fillrate

05 / Predictive bidding strategies

Target for a specific CPC or video completion cost

06 / Antifraud

Antifraud that directly improves ROI for CPI/CPA campaigns in the range of 10-50%. You can buy less inventory and have the same number of conversions.


Eliminate waste with video fill rate optimization, increase profit by optimally pricing impression opportunities and increase revenue by condensing bidstream with your DSPs

For Ad Exchanges

Improve your profit by optimally pricing impression opportunities, and increase revenue by condensing bidstream sent to your DSPs.

For DSP and adservers

Improve your CAPEX by condensing bidstream of up to 5 times. 

Satisfy most demanding of your brand advertisers: use targetings like VTR>=70%, CTR=2%. 

Increase revenue from you video arb tags.


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